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Biological Stains & Indicators by Tristains

Biological Stains & Indicators -Premium quality
product by Trisitains

Tristains meet the highest excellent standards & supply awesome color performance of preferred additives of cells and tissue in lifestyles science laboratories. In-addition Tristains also have organic stains, which cover & satisfy the want of Biological, Histology, Cytology, Microbiology, and Hematology laboratories.

Application Oriented Quality Products

We offer best Quality of each product or group of products which fulfill various parameters depending upon the grades and applications of the reagents. Our (Tristains brand) stains are designed to be compatible with a variety of laboratory protocols and applications, making them a versatile option for researchers and medical professionals. Our Tristains products are available in the form of Solid and liquid solution, all products are available in diverse packaging sizes.

Tristains brand’s focus on these specific fields allows it to tailor its products and marketing efforts to the needs of these professionals, making it a trusted and reliable option in the laboratory community. Tristains brand solutions can ensure that you receive the finest quality dyes used in critical biological stains, offering both certifiable and BSC certified dyes which performed extraordinarily & give excellent results.

Biological Stains & Indicators by Tristains
  • Ready to use solution
  • 100% Recommended by technician.
  • Product COA/SDS available
  • Labelled with minimum shelf life/batch number
  • Follow standard disposal

Quick & easy to dilute under optimal conditions.

Some of the best products by Tristains

Being the most trusted brand, our motto is to serve your superior quality products with best prices ever.

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